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      So, how DO you become a bounty hunter?

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Bounty Hunter Q&A


Q:  How do I become a bounty hunter?

A:  First you will need training and that we offer.  You need to know your State Laws, because if they require a license, then they will issue it to you once you have met their State qualifications.

Q:  I don’t know what my State Laws are, so how do I find out what my Laws are?

A:  There are several ways.  Call a hunter off the roster in your State and ask.  Call a bail bonding company in your State and ask.  Call your local Sheriff’s office and ask if there are laws governing bounty hunting.

Q:  How much money can you make being a bounty hunter?

A:  It will depend on how successful you are in apprehending bond skips.  But I always tell people, do not give up their day job, but hunt for fun and profit on the weekends and evenings. 

Q:  Can I carry a gun? 

A:  Depends upon State Law. 

Q:  Are there bounty hunters in Texas?

A:  There are no bounty hunters in Texas, only licensed Private Investigators.

Q:  Can we kick in doors?

A:  Depends upon the State Law of the State you are making the arrest.

Q:  Do you have a test after the DVD 2 day training? 

A:  There is no test.  We certify you took the training.  We are the educators, we do not license anyone.  (License, if required, will be issued by the State which requires them.)

Q:  Is there such thing as a National Bounty Hunter license?

A:  No.  The laws for bounty hunting vary from State to State.

Q:  Can I arrest any fugitive (wanted person) I can find?

A:  No, you are hired by a bondsman to apprehend a bail skip.  You have authority from the bondsman for that person only.  You work for the bondsman and not for the State, and you will be paid by the bail bondsman.

Q:  Do Law Enforcement agencies hire bounty hunters?

A: No you work for bail bondsman only.

Q:  Do you have live schools anywhere?

A:  No, the video training is a 2 day live school, but it comes to you instead of you going to it.  It is as if you are sitting in the classroom with the others, when in reality you are sipping ice tea on your couch.

Q:  How do I know your training will work for me?

A:  After the 2 days DVD training we take you along on 14 live captures where you see our training in action.  Again, this is done from the comfort of your living room.  We will prove our training works by the results, and by doing exactly what we teach and catching bad guys.

Q:  Is this training for real?

A:  We have trained hunters all across the Nation for many years.  So why not call a few off the Roster and let them tell you. 

Q:  What will your training teach me?

A:  We take someone knowing absolutely nothing walking in, to walking out hitting the streets making money.  We teach you what you need to know about being safe, getting work, finding the fugitives and making money.


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