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      So, how DO you become a bounty hunter?

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Dear Future Hunter:

So you want to be a Bounty Hunter and don’t know where to begin?

Step 1:  Contact local hunters and Bail Bondsmen, and local Sheriff office in your area and find out what the State Law is in your area.
Step #2.  Order our training which teaches you everything you need to know about getting started, how to find people, other ways of making money, etc (18hrs of video training on 3 DVDs).
Step #3. Get going on your new career!

To be a Bail Enforcement Agent, you must abide by your State and Local Law, what ever they may be.  Call a local hunter off our "Roster", some local bondsmen, and the local Sheriffs Office in the county you wish to hunt in, to find the answers you need about what the Laws are locally.  There are 50 States and 50 different rules that change every 2 yrs, so there is no way I can know them all!!!  I have to check the Laws every time I leave Texas to hunt in another State to see if anything has changed.

You must abide by the State laws in the State that you hunt in.    So I guess the first job of being a bounty hunter would be for you to do a little investigating in your own State to determine your State requirements.  We offer a tool box of tools and the knowledge of how to use them.  You must find out what the Law says for your state.  Wow, your very first investigation!

Regardless of any State Law you will need our training, to get going and to make money!  Our Training is to be used everywhere you want to hunt.  Where else are you going to get such training as “How to find a Skip”, “How to get started”, and “Other ways of making money” with our training?

If you want to be a Bounty Hunter and don’t know where to start, order our 2 day training tapes. That is the answer!  Our training will answer ALL your questions and more!  We furnish the “tools” and the knowledge of how to use the “tools”, but, of course, you must do the work!  In other words, you take our tools and make your money and find success.
We can teach you everything you need to know about being in your own business, making money and being safe.  We offer 18hr video training (on 3 DVDs) that is good for any place in the Nation you might work for only $150.00, which is half the cost of attending our live school.  We do not try to keep up with local State Laws as they are constantly changing.  You need to call some local hunters and bondsmen in your area to know what your local laws are.  But you will still need our training…and we offer one of the best in the country.  We have sent our training tapes all across this Nation and never had a complaint, and that ought to speak for itself.  If you want to know how to be successful, be safe and make money, then this course is for you.  You don’t have to go anywhere to be taught and if you miss something, you only need to push replay any segment on your DVD player to get a refresher course.  You won’t be sorry when you order, or disappointed, but you will be amazed how easy it is to make money in this field.  We also show you how to make money in Skip Tracing and Auto/ Asset Recovery.  You will learn how to find people and with just one successful locate you will pay for this course!  If you are still wondering if you should order ….don’t worry!  You can make money with what we will teach you!  I make $100 for each Skip Trace Locate without leaving my office and I do it every day!

You must be a licensed PI in the State of Tex to work as a Fugitive Recovery Agent.  If not, you commit a felony.  New law to change in Texas on Sept 1, 2003 that will allow Bondsman’s right to arrest their own skips did not pass.  Still if you want to hunt for various Bondsmen you must have a PI license in Texas.

Any Felony or Misdemeanor charge in Texas will disqualify you from getting a PI license, but most other states have no such restrictions.  You must check the Law in the State you intend to hunt in.  Kentucky = no hunting.  Illinois = no hunting.  Oregon= no hunting. California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina require some kind of State license/hours of training, or some other regulation.  But as you can see…most States (40) have no such legislation regarding Bounty Hunting.

You can also order my Skip Trace Training CD “A Complete How to Find Anyone” for only $20.00 and I pay the postage.

Skip Trace 202 Training Booklet on CD Rom includes:  How to find anybody fast!!!

Complete How To on Skip Tracing.
Everything you need to know to find anyone.
Find missing lost or misplace people.
Find dead beat dads.
Find people for Auto Repossession.
Find old school or military friends.
Find missing heir or relatives.
Secrets revealed how the professionals do it.
Secret data bases revealed.
Scams and ruses that smoke the target out.
How to get non-publish phone numbers and addresses.
How to find Social Security numbers.
How to find criminal backgrounds.
How to make money Skip tracing for attorneys.
How to find Bond Skips.
Tricks revealed for finding runaways.
Do what even the police don’t know how to do.
How to find out cell phone numbers.
How to find tolls for cell or land lines.
How to tell if a number is a Cell or Land line.
What a Social Security Number can tell you.
How to find everywhere a person has lived.
How to find marriage, birth and death records.
All training done by a professional Skip tracer and Bounty Hunter.
Available on CD Rom for $20.00.
Training here can earn you over $100 per day, everyday.
How to conduct a background investigation.
How to find property owners.
How to find those that don’t want to be found.

And much much more!  All for $20.00

I use this information daily sitting at my desk to earn $100 on each locate and I don’t even leave my office.  So can you.  Information is power!

It amazes me how many people will not invest in themselves.  $150.00 or even $20.00 is not an investment in me or my ability, as I have already proven what I can do with the training I offer…but the investment is simply in yourself!  If you don’t have enough faith in your own ability, the please keep the money and you and your spouse go out to eat and to a movie.  And then the money will be all gone in one evening, but you had a lot of fun! But if you invest in your own self-education and lean to “fish” you can feed yourself and your family for a life-time.  What I have to offer to you is working for me and for many people I know, because they took the information and MADE it work for themselves.  Nothing comes free that has much value. 

You can order The Complete How To Start Your Own Skip Trace Business.  (2 CDS for $40.00 and we pay the shipping)  Make $100 for every successful locate.  Do it everyday and do if from home with your computer!  You never have to arrest anyone or be in any danger in the Skip Trace Business, and anyone can do it from home.  I give you all the tools and knowledge and even how to begin making money!

We also have the best tracking device on the market.  From any computer you can track the location of any vehicle in real time.  You get pager notification when the Target Vehicle moves and pager notification when they stop.  3 Seconds to install the unit on any vehicle, and no sky facing antenna.  No wires to connect, just stick the unit  and go, and start tracking immediately.  I make lots of money following vehicles.

Yours in Him,
Billy Wells
Please find out what your own State Laws are first, before you call me.



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