Billy Wells,  Professional Bail Enforcement Agent of San Antonio is widely recognized among his peers as one of  the nation's foremost Bounty Hunters.

Wells has been in the bail bond business for nearly 10 years, having started out with Jack "Farmer" Brown in 1992.  He soon found himself in the Bounty Hunting field when an early client decided to "take a hike" rather than honor his substantial bail bond. 

He soon recognized the advantages of cooperation with other Hunters and promptly joined the newly forming United States Professional Bail Bond Investigators Association in which he continues  to serve in a position of trust and responsibility today, as a Senior Board Member
and as publisher of the Association's monthly online Newsletter, the TRAPLINE.

Wells was among the first to recognize the need for standardized training and proper levels of acceptability and competence for every member of the Bounty Hunter profession.  As a result of that early awareness, he brought together a group of professionals in various fields to create a teaching program based on real life experience.  The course was first taught in person (which made it extremely costly in both time and money) then later was put on Video Tape to cut costs and to enable students to control their learning curve and time used.  Today, this pioneering Video Taped course is widely recognized as an excellent starting point for those entering the field and as a knowledge/skill broadening experience for old pros.

As a recognized leader in his field, Billy Wells continues operating from his San Antonio office and headquarters where he is well known and well liked by his peers, by local Law Enforcement Officers and the community as a whole.